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January 14, 2012

Money to Online-Get Paid To Ioin Communities


HashBush is an online community where contributors earn activity points, which can be redeemed for real money. As a member, you earn points for inviting friends, submitting pictures to your personal gallery, making a quiz, blogging, creating a poll, posting on forums, playing games and more. 10 activity points is equivalent to 1 cent. Earn 10 cents/100 points per referral and 1 - 100 points depending on the quality of your contribution. 

Payment method: PayPal      Minimum payout: no minimum

DollarSpace is a social community site that pays members for various activities. Earn money for being an active member, networking with other people, taking surveys and blogging. DollarSpace uses a points system to distribute earnings. Members earn 1 point for each picture, journal, thread, poll, or comment posted, and 2 points for each referral. 50 points = $0.25. 25 referrals = $1. Members earn $0.10 to $1.05 for each completed survey, as well as $0.05 each time a referred member completes a survey. DollarSpace also has an integrated ad system that allows members to make money by placing contextual ads like Adsense, YPN & Adbrite in their personal profiles. 

Payment method: PayPal      Minimum payout: $20

Join Sony Rewards and earn points by playing games, watching Sony TV programs, participating in polls, creating a wishlist, shopping, and accepting special offers from Sony partners. Each point is worth $0.01. Points can be redeemed for a variety of prizes including electronics, music, movies, Wheel of Fortune, Game Show Network & Days of Our Lives exclusives, gift cards and more. Points can also be used to increase chances of winning the Daily Giveaway Prize and Monthly Dream Prize. 

Earn points for sharing your photos, videos, hotel reviews and for performing various other tasks (such as booking a hotel through the site). Redeem points for cash and/or prizes. is a social networking site that pays members based on activity. Earn points for contributing articles, commenting and rating other articles, posting images, and more. Redeem points for cash. Minimum payout is $50 (about 3000 points).
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